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Separation & Divorce

Litigation - Going to Court

Sometimes going to court is the best way to proceed and sometimes it is the only way to proceed. When possible, avoiding the court process is recommended.  However, there may be a time when you need a strong and skilled advocate to fight for your rights in court.  You might need to get a court Order quickly to protect yourself, your children, or your property. Starting an Application is sometimes the only way to resolve your family law issues because your spouse refuses to negotiate or takes a position that is so unreasonable that an out-of-court resolution becomes impossible. Alternatively, you may have been served with court documents and going to court is not your choice. Whatever situation you are facing, your choice of lawyer is of critical importance. You need a lawyer who is both a trusted and experienced litigator and an expert in family law.

With over fifty years of combined experience as family law litigators, the lawyers at Morgan and Phillips LLP will work with you to prepare a strong and convincing case to present to the court, and to get you the best results possible. Our litigation support team will let you know what to expect when you are in court and keep you informed each step of the way.

Litigation can feel like a battle at times, but we never lose sight of what matters the most to you. Negotiation is still very much a part of the court process and we will keep trying to reach an agreement with your spouse throughout the process, but if that fails we’ll continue to fight to have a judge rule in your favour. The court process provides multiple opportunities each step of the way to ask the court’s opinion and assistance to resolve the issues in dispute. We will use each opportunity to work to convince your spouse to agree to reasonable terms of settlement. At the end of the day, the best outcome is one you agree to rather than one imposed by a judge.

Excellent lawyer. I trust him implicitly. Here's not only tenacious but clever and resourceful in his courtroom demeanor. Actually, I feel very fortunate to know him and to count myself as one of his Very pleased clients. I would recommend him without reservation to anyone and particularly to those people who are my friends and family should they ever require effective and efficient legal representation.