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Mediation & Collaborative

Family Mediation

Family Mediation is a cost-effective way to work out the details of a Separation Agreement, Parenting Plan or other family law Agreement. A trained mediator works with a separating couple, helping them to negotiate terms of their parenting schedule, division of their property, and payment of support. Instead of each of you paying your own lawyer to negotiate terms of an agreement, you and your spouse share the cost of the mediator’s services.

The Mediation Process

The mediation process can move much more quickly than other routes to settlement. Because people are communicating directly with each other, areas of agreement can be identified quickly and the mediation can focus on generating options for resolving the primary issues in dispute.

If you and your spouse both feel you would be able to work together cooperatively to try to reach an agreement, then family mediation would be a great choice for you. Family mediation encourages both parties to communicate their goals and hopes for settlement directly to their spouse, and each party is asked to listen respectfully and attentively to the other party. The mediator will generate options for achieving mutual goals and will work as a neutral advisor to help clients find creative and practical ways to resolve issues that are in dispute. By working together with a mediator, parties can learn to improve their communication skills which can have a lasting positive impact on their relationship as co-parents.

Mediation is hard work and it can be challenging. We will work with you to resolve the legal, financial, parenting and communication skills that separation involves. By providing an opportunity to have difficult discussions in a respectful way, we will help to improve communication between our clients and avoid the damage that an adversarial negotiation or litigation can inflict.

Choosing Your Family Mediator

Choosing the right Mediator is very important first step. Accredited Family Mediators have extensive training and mediation experience. Choosing an Accredited Family Mediator who is also a family lawyer, ensures that your Mediator not only has mediation skills and experience, but can also provide you with important legal information and guidance to help you arrive at terms of an Agreement you can rely on.

There are many people who offer mediation services who are neither trained in family law nor in mediation techniques. Our mediators have both extensive training in family mediation and years of experience as family lawyers and mediators. Having worked as family lawyers and mediators for many years, we are sensitive to the stresses and issues that face our clients and offer the support and guidance you need to arrive at a successfully mediated settlement.

We refer clients to Stephen Morgan because the clients trust him and thank us for referring them. One of the reasons that clients thank us is that they feel some measure of success and satisfaction. They feel well represented. Stephen is calm, caring, knowledgeable and tenacious.
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