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Separation & Divorce

Child Support

Child Support matters to you and your family. At Morgan and Phillips LLP, we understand that. Child support matters to us too. We make sure we get it right because we are family law experts. Every family is different so our lawyers will make that your family gets the support it needs and the support amount is fair. Trust our family law experts to make sure you know the facts.

Ontario Child Support Guideline Tables

The Ontario Child Support Guideline Tables are where we start in determining the right amount of child support, but the Guidelines are only the beginning. Other factors that need to be considered include the following:

  • Shared Parenting Arrangements
  • Your children’s special or extraordinary needs and expenses
  • Sharing of university and college expenses
  • Income when parents are self-employed
  • Imputing income to parents who have an unstable income
  • Bonus income
  • Income over $150,000

Getting knowledgeable and experienced advice is critical to making sure you know your rights when it comes to child support. You can trust our lawyers to give you the information and advice you need and negotiate a fair child support amount for you and your family.

Stephen worked very hard on my case. He continues to follow up with me. He works not only for you but with you, and helps you to understand the processes and what is happening with your case. Priced well and very personable. I highly recommend Stephen Morgan.